Traveler Held In East Timor On Her Way Home To Oregon

An Oregon veterinarian who’s been held in the country of East Timor since last fall is on her way home.

Photo: From Facebook with permission from Bernadette Kero.

Tomo Tsurumi’s Art Inspires His Recovery From Bike Accident

Artist and musician Tomo Tsurumi sustained a life-altering accident that put him in the hospital. Find out how his passion for art is helping to fuel his recovery.

Photo: Andy Abeyta

Liberia's President: Ebola Re-Energized Her Downtrodden Country

In an exclusive interview, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf remembers how Liberia was "the poster child of everything that could go wrong." But people lived up to the local proverb: "Go fix it."

Photo: Ariel Zambelich, NPR