Photo: David Kaplan

Jazzy Vegetarian: 5 Ways To Veganize Your Thanksgiving Favorites

Laura Theodore shares her tips for making traditional Thanksgiving dishes vegan with easy substitutions. Plus, get her recipes for Holiday Stuffing Casserole and Pumpkin Pie with Date-Nut Crust.

Photo: Elaine Thompson, AP

As Hackers Hit Customers, Retailers Keep Quiet About Security

Leading companies are keeping tight-lipped about what they're doing to protect customers from similar attacks that have hit Target, Home Depot and other major retailers.

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Arts & Life

Oregon Historical Photo: Luther Cressman & Howard Stafford

Luther Cressman, known today as the "Father of Oregon Archaeology," developed an interest in the field purely by accident. Find out how this U of O professor made some of the most significant archaeological finds in our state.

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