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Oregon Governor Signs Bill Allowing Pot Sales Oct. 1

Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Tuesday allowing existing medical marijuana dispensaries to temporarily sell the drug to all adults.

Photo: Alan Sylvestre / OPB

A Cookbook For Eating Well On A Food Stamp Budget

A Canadian scholar was unimpressed with the cookbooks available for people on food stamps in the U.S. So she decided to come up with her own set of tips and recipes for eating well on $4 a day.

Photo: Leanne Brown

Portland Arts Tax Fails To Deliver On Some Ballot Promises

The Portland arts tax's biggest problem is simple: Not enough people are paying the $35.

Photo: Rebecca Roberts Galloway / OPB

Redmond Reveals Plans For New City Hall

Redmond's new city hall will be located at the old Evergreen Elementary School. The city bought the school five years ago with the vision of transforming the historic building into a community gathering place.

Photo: David Nogueras / OPB