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Oracle Says It's Not To Blame For Cover Oregon Problems

After six months of near silence about the problems at Cover Oregon, the project's main technology contractor says it's not to blame for the failed launch of Oregon's health insurance exchange.

Photo: T. Susan Chang for NPR

Arts & Life

Sous Vide Makes Its Way To The Home Kitchen

This cooking method — a strange mix of the precise and the forgiving — means never having to worry about rubbery, overcooked meats. But mind your eyebrows while you're holding the blowtorch.

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Stagepass Concert Series

Support local artists and get access to an exclusive concert series featuring Modern Kin, Mimicking Birds and more. Tickets on sale now.

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Oregon Art Beat

Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on OPB TV

Francoise Weeks shapes dramatic fashion pieces using the greenest material she can find -- plants!


Oregon Field Guide

Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on OPB TV

A woman from Alaska finds wolverines in Oregon in her very first research effort.

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Arts & Life

Marv Ellis Raps Out A Surprise For OPB Soundman

Eugene hip-hop impresario Marv Ellis went hiking with the Oregon Art Beat crew. Check out what happened when he offered to tell us everything about himself, all in rhyme. He even incorporated our audio technician into the rap!

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WA Lands Commissioner Defends Taking Timber Money Despite Vow

Washington Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark's relationship with the timber industry he regulates has changed dramatically since the two-term Democrat first ran for the office six years ago.

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