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Malheur Occupation Trial Could Last For Months

U.S. District Judge Anna Brown is preparing for the trial of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers to last a long time, possibly months.

Photo: Courtesy of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

Candidate Jules Bailey: Portland's Mayor Is Not A CEO

In the Portland mayoral race, Jules Bailey portrays himself as the progressive, small-money alternative to State Treasurer Ted Wheeler. But he’s run a campaign that has seemed, at times, to contradict itself. 

Photo: John Rosman/OPB

The Business Of Guns In America

Author Pamela Haag explores the history of the gun industry in this country in her new book "The Gunning of America."

Photo: John Sepulvado/OPB

Hats Off To Kentucky Derby Drinks ... With A NW Twist

Assemble these icy-fresh, Northwest flavor-laced drinks, settle your wide-brimmed Southern-belle hats and celebrate the Kentucky Derby!

Photo: John Rosman/OPB

Why Do Cities Keep Vying To Host The Olympics?

They invariably never live up to what the politicians and construction moguls promise, says sports commentator Frank Deford.

Photo: AP, Eraldo Peres

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