Goal Ball Tournament Rolls Into Vancouver

Balls filled with bells will clang in Vancouver this weekend as the city hosts the country’s first-ever college goal ball tournament. 

Photo: Amelia Templeton

Arsenic In California Wines: Should Drinkers Be Concerned?

A recent lawsuit raised a red flag about traces of arsenic in some value-oriented California wines. But, by European and Canadian standards, the trace levels are acceptable.

Photo: Erik Schelzig, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Big Shelves Of Antarctic Ice Melting Faster Than Scientists Thought

The shrinking of ice at the ocean's edge in the West Antarctic has increased by 70 percent over the past decade, an analysis of satellite images suggests.

Photo: Mariano Caravaca, Reuters/Landov

State Of Wonder

Saturday at noon To preview the Oregon Book Awards, we talk with the five finalists for the Ken Kesey Award for Fiction.