Amid Scandal, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Resigns

The efficacy of the Secret Service has come under scrutiny lately, after an armed man ran into the White House. Under pressure from lawmakers, Julia Pierson resigned.

Photo: Getty Images, Joe Raedle

Vaccine Controversies Are As Social As They Are Medical

In writing her new book On Immunity, Eula Biss found that questions about vaccination touch on attitudes about environmentalism, citizenship and trust in the government.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox, Merrick Morton

'Gone Girl': A Missing Wife And A Cloud Of Suspicion

Director David Fincher's excellent adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl relies on stellar performances and ultimately on a diabolically twisting narrative structure.

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Arts & Life

Hands-Free, Mind-Free: What We Lose Through Automation

Robert Siegel is joined by author Nicholas Carr for a look at the future of automation and automobiles. Carr's new book, The Glass Cage, warns against the rise of automation in our lives.

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Elliott State Forest Management Decisions Near

The public will have an opportunity to speak to the Oregon Land Board in person next Wednesday in Coos Bay about a proposal to sell off part of the Elliott State Forest.

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Tidal Power Project In Puget Sound Abandoned By Utility

We Are All To Blame For The Oso Slide

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