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Oregon's State Tests, Explained By 3rd-Graders

OPB has been following students in the Class of 2025 since they were kindergarteners. Now they're in third grade and that means taking state tests for the first time.

Photo: Bradley W. Parks/OPB

John Kerry's Awkward Push For Investment In Iran

The secretary of state negotiated the nuclear deal and wants it to work. He recently went to Europe to encourage banks there to invest in Iran.

Photo: Paul Hackett/AP

Why We Love Aliens

We love aliens because they are a reflection of who we are, representing both the worse and the best in humanity, says astrophysicist Marcelo Gleiser.

Photo: Laura Rauch/AP

Bundy Considering Lawsuit Against Multnomah County

In court documents released Tuesday, the leaders of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation give a list of conditions at the jail they said are violating their constitutional rights.

Photo: Amanda Peacher/OPB

Efforts To Ban Oil Projects In Vancouver Move Forward

The city of Vancouver’s planning commission voted Tuesday to prohibit future crude oil storage facilities.

Photo: Elaine Thompson/AP

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