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Oregon Voters To Choose Future Road For Damascus

Damascus voters are set to vote (again) to disincorporate as a city. Why did they make it a city in the first place?

Photo: Michael Clapp/OPB

Do Health Insurance Spikes Mean More Competition?

Individual consumers might not get whacked as much as you’d think. Premiums are on the rise, but savvy consumers are shopping for the best deals.

Army Corps: Kennewick Man Should Be Turned Over To Tribes

An ancient skeleton known as Kennewick Man moved a major step forward toward reburial Wednesday.

Photo: Smithsonian Institution, Brittney Tatchell

Thousands Flock To Bernie Sanders Rally In Springfield

Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders delivered a wide-ranging speech Thursday at a rally in Springfield, Oregon.

Photo: Ryan Kang/AP

Poll: Trump Holds Big Lead Ahead Of Oregon's Primary

The New York millionaire has a 17-point lead in Oregon's May 17 Republican primary. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is second and Ohio Gov. John Kasich is third.

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

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