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Cliven Bundy Is Coming To Burns, Portland

OPB has confirmed that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is coming to Oregon to protest the arrest of his sons.

Photo: John Locher/AP Photo

Oregon Refuge Occupation Day 38: 6 Things To Know

In a video posted by David Fry Sunday afternoon, the militant hinted that the remaining occupiers might be running low on supplies inside the refuge.

Photo: Rob Manning/OPB

Oregon Lifts Restrictions On Health Insurer Moda

State regulators announced a consent order meant to keep the Portland-based health insurance company afloat.

Photo: Cacophony, Wikimedia Commons -

When Water Could Be Poison: A Flint Mother's Story

For Flint resident Jeneyah McDonald, using bottled water for everything has become an onerous but necessary routine. Still, she worries about the effects that toxic tap water will have on her sons.

Photo: Laura McDermott for NPR

How Will Chris Rock Treat The Oscars' Lack Of Diversity?

Since it was revealed that all 20 of this year's Academy Award acting nominees are white, everyone's waiting to see how host Chris Rock — a comedian who never pulls punches — will handle it.

Photo: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Say What? Oregon Ranked Fastest Talking State In US

In a state-by-state breakdown, the firm found that northern states tended to speak faster, say more words and grow impatient quicker than southern states.

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