Your OPB Membership

  • How do I join OPB and what are the membership options?

    You can find out more about membership and membership levels on our Support Page.

    Membership benefits begin with a contribution of $35 or more; benefits for seniors 65 or older begin at $25. Higher membership levels offer additional benefits, including special events, tours and receptions.

  • How do I contact the Member Center?

    The Member Center is here to help. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone at 800.241.8123 weekdays from 8:30am-5pm. You can also send mail to OPB Member Center, 7140 SW Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR 97219.

  • How do I make changes to my membership or correct errors in my account?

    Contact the Member Center. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone at 800.241.8123 weekdays from 8:30am-5pm.

  • If my credit card changes, how do I update it in order to keep up with my Sustaining Circle or installment contribution?

    Please call your Member Center at 800.241.8123. We'll be happy to update that for you.

  • How do I tell when my membership expires or find my membership number?

    The address label on your monthly issue of OPB Primetime makes it very simple: It lists your member number followed by the expiration date of your membership. (Note: Membership numbers vary in length and can be up to seven digits long.)

  • How much of my membership contribution is tax deductible?

    Contributions to OPB are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, less the fair market value of any thank-you gifts received. Your contribution confirmation letter, sent one to two weeks after your contribution, lets you know the exact amount and will serve as your tax receipt.

  • I recently renewed my OPB membership, but I just received a renewal notice. Why?

    Because of the leadtime required to print and mail renewal reminders, we create renewal lists a couple of weeks in advance. If you receive a reminder shortly after renewing, your contribution and your reminder most likely crossed in the mail.

  • I am a current member. Why are you mailing me a renewal letter before my "Renew" month?

    To assist you in budgeting for your gifts to OPB, we want to alert you in advance of your renewal date. Renewal requests are one way that we communicate to our members about the importance of member support. When you renew your membership before your renewal date, you will receive 12 additional months of membership added onto your current membership.

  • Why did I receive a call asking me to renew my OPB membership?

    Occasionally OPB hires an outside phone service specializing in non-profit organizations and public broadcasters to contact our lapsed members and ask them to renew their memberships. Even though you may be on the national "Do not call" list, its regulations do allow charitable organizations to call. Of course, we'll be glad to code your account at OPB so you won't be called on our behalf again — please let us know by contacting the Member Center.

  • How do I keep my name and address from being shared with others?

    To expand our membership base and build support for OPB, we periodically exchange some of our donors' names and addresses with other non-profits we believe our members may have an interest in. No information is provided other than name and address. If you would prefer your name not be included on our exchange list, please let us know and we'll be glad to remove it. Please contact the Member Center at: http://www.opb.org/about/contactus/

  • Why are new members offered thank-you gifts that weren't offered to me?

    OPB offers thank-you gifts during membership drives because we have found them to be the most effective way to significantly increase the number of people who respond with support. Gifts vary from drive to drive as the programs change, but if you have made donations within the previous year for which you did not request a gift, you always have the option to receive a newly offered gift at your contribution level — just contact us at the Member Center. If you don't request a gift, the full amount of your contribution goes directly into OPB's budget and your entire contribution is tax deductible.

  • Does my employer match my membership contribution?

    If you work for, or are retired from, one of the companies listed here, any contribution you make to OPB becomes even more valuable. Your employer may match your gift dollar for dollar, or perhaps even double or triple the amount of your gift, at no cost to you. Ask your human resources department for a matching gift form, then complete it and mail it to: OPB Member Center, 7140 SW Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR 97219.

    If your company does not have a matching gift program for OPB, we'll be happy to help get one started. Ask your organization to give us a call at 503.293.1955 or 800.241.8123.

  • How does OPB survey its members to find out their opinions?

    Public feedback and response are an essential part of the decision-making process at OPB. OPB conducts an annual survey of members via mail. We also solicit further audience feedback through e-mail newsletters and at http://www.opb.org/about/contactus/ which allows you to write us at any time. We measure audience size and listening habits through the radio and TV rating services to which we subscribe. Finally, we log, consolidate and analyze all phone calls, e-mails and letters received throughout the year.

  • Why does OPB need to have membership drives?

    Approximately 64% of the funds we raise comes from individual membership contributions from viewers and listeners. While a significant portion of member donations come through mail solicitation and automatic renewals, on-air drives allow OPB to attract the largest number of new and renewing members in the most efficient and effective way possible. Though new members are an essential part of OPB's long-term financial health, the length of membership drives is kept to the minimum that will allow us to reach our goals. OPB's membership drive format is based on our own experiences, as well as the shared experiences of public broadcasters throughout the country.

Thank-You Gifts

In order to ensure that the maximum amount of your contribution goes to support OPB, we don't maintain a surplus of thank-you gift inventory. As a non-profit organization, we operate under financial constraints and priorities different from those of a retail business. Once a membership drive has ended, and we have a firm count of thank-you gifts requested, we place orders to fulfill those gift requests. As items arrive at our shipping house near Portland, they're mailed promptly to members. Generally, this process takes four to six weeks from the end of a membership drive, though many items arrive sooner. If you are concerned about the status of your gift, please contact the Member Center.

Note: Concert or event ticket thank-you gifts will be mailed to you approximately one week before the event.

Primetime - the Member Guide

Your OPB membership includes a subscription to the monthly OPB Primetime publication. Every month a small number of OPB Primetime guides do not arrive at their destinations. Some may have been sent to outdated addresses and not forwarded by the Post Office. If you are a member and have not received your issue at the first of the month, please contact us at http://www.opb.org/about/contactus/ and we will send you a replacement immediately. If you have not received your issues of OPB Primetime for several months in a row, your membership may have expired or been coded as to not receive Primetime in error. We'll be glad to correct your account; please let us know.

OPB Mailings

Our goal is to customize our mailings to your preferences. Please let us know if you'd like a single renewal reminder or if you would prefer not to receive additional appeals. Just contact us at http://www.opb.org/about/contactus/.

Visit our newsletter sign-up page.

Donate a vehicle to OPB

You can help support OPB's programs and services by donating a vehicle that you no longer need or use. OPB's vehicle donation program handles all of the details at no charge to you.

Find out about other ways to give

Volunteer at OPB

OPB is supported by more than 2,000 active volunteers who contribute in essential ways to every department. You can find out more and apply online at our Volunteer Information Page.

Other Ways to Give

Charitable gifts of appreciated securities can provide tremendous tax benefits to OPB members. You may avoid paying capital gains and qualify for a current tax deduction for the current fair market value of the asset, regardless of the original price paid for the stock. Check with your tax advisor for special tax benefits, and contact Associate Director Julie Arnzen, Leadership Giving, at 503.977.7765 for transfer information.

A contribution form is available here. (PDF download)

Find out about other ways to give

If you are 70 1/2 years old or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA to charity in 2013 without claiming any increased income or paying any additional tax. Your gift of any amount can be made simply by notifying your IRA plan custodian of your intent to make a current transfer to OPB or another charitable organization. With an IRA rollover gift, you can transfer excess funds from your IRA to a non-profit and still make your regular cash gifts up to the Federal level. You should not take the distribution yourself and subsequently write a check to OPB.

This opportunity is effective for tax year 2013, so you must act by December 31, 2013 for tax year 2013 to take full advantage. There are very specific procedures to follow to make a tax-free gift of this type.

Need more information? Check with your financial advisor or contact Julie Arnzen by e-mail or call 503.977.7765.

When you contribute to OPB through your will or trust, you make sure that OPB can continue to tell important stories and connect people to our world for generations to come.

Over the years, OPB has received some of its most notable commitments in the form of bequests. Gifts through a bequest or living trust leave a legacy that will inform and educate future generations for years to come.

You may choose to make an outright bequest to OPB by leaving a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Some people leave the residue or part of the residue of their estates. Find out how to include OPB in your will or trust at http://www.opb.org/support/plannedgiving.

Your bequest intention qualifies you for membership in the OPB Legacy Society and special invitations to OPB events and previews. For additional information, please call Julie Feely, director of Gift Planning, at 503.293.1935.

Find out about other ways to give at http://www.opb.org/support/plannedgiving/

Other Questions

Approximately 64% of the funds we raise come from our members. Corporate support amounts to about 18%. Federal government support, via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting Service, amounts to 11%. A final six percent comes from sales, services and other sources.

If you have a question that is not answered here, contact the OPB Member Center.