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  • How do I get a copy of a program I heard on OPB Radio?

    Most OPB Radio programs are not offered for sale, but many can be heard again online via links on the program's websites. Some shows -- This American Life, for instance -- are also available as podcasts. NPR has an online shop (which is also accessible by phone at 888.677.3472) that offers some NPR shows, including "Best of" compilations. Public Radio International programs can be found at the PRI online shop. Some radio programs can also be purchased online at Shop OPB or by phone at 800.531.4727.

  • Why aren't transcripts of some programs available for sale?

    Each program's producers determine whether or not transcripts are available. NPR news programs offer transcripts of story segments on a selected basis at the discretion of editorial staff. The production of full and accurate transcripts can be an expensive process, and some programs do not have the resources to offer this service. Information about transcript availability is usually located on the program's website. Websites for programs can be found on our Find a Program page. Select the program you're interested in and click on the link to their website.

Program Content & Information

  • How do I find a radio program's Web site?

    Websites for programs can be found on our Find a Program page. Select the program you're interested in and click on the link to their website.

    For many programs produced by NPR, PRI or APM, the program sites can be found under the respective network umbrellas at NPR, PRI or APM. Just use the search form at each site to find your program. Access to available program content -- transcripts, musical interludes, audio files, additional subject links and resources -- can be found on those pages.

  • How do I find or identify a piece of music from an OPB Radio program?

    OPB music staff offers detailed music playlists for OPB-produced music programs.

    Audio clips and details about musical interludes from major news programs on OPB — Morning Edition, All Things Considered, The World, etc. — can often be found at each show's website. Websites for programs can be found on our Find a Program page. Select the program you're interested in and click on the link to their website. On the program's home page, look for "archive" or "past shows" links to find the date you need. Most sites list each show's component segments and musical breaks. Most — but not all — websites include information about the music. This decision is made by each program's producers.

    Below are links to websites for some of the shows that often prompt questions about music:

  • How do I find the guest name, transcript, book title, etc. from a radio program I heard on OPB?

    Details about individual programs can be found on the websites for that program. Your first step is to determine which program you're looking for and then find its Web address:

    • You may need to consult the radio schedule to find out which show OPB aired at the time in question.
    • Find a Program page. Select the program you're interested in and click on the link to their website.
    • Once you've logged on to a program's Web site, look for an "archive" or "past shows" link to find the exact date you need. If you don't know when the episode aired, use the site's search engine and any known keywords to narrow down the date. Put quotes around any phrases or full names you're searching for — this will make the responses more relevant to your needs. (NPR has a very efficient search engine which searches virtually all NPR program content).
    • After you've found the correct show and episode, you'll often see the entire program broken down into segments, each of which you can listen to again. Some segments will have transcripts available for download, printing or sale at the discretion of the show's producers.

    Details about some OPB-produced radio news stories can be found via the OPB News Web site.

  • How do I find the music playlist from an OPB music program?

    Music playlists from OPB-produced music programs are usually posted one to three days after each program airs.

  • Why does OPB have "ads" on the air?

    Sixteen percent of OPB's operating budget comes from business underwriters who receive on-air acknowledgements of their contributions to public broadcasting. Both the Federal Communications Commission and OPB limit the form these acknowledgements can take. For example, underwriting recognition credits cannot include inducements to buy, the use of superlatives, calls to action or references to price.

    Financial support from our underwriters does not influence program content or programming decisions. OPB maintains strictly enforced barriers between program content and all funding.

  • Why does OPB need to have membership drives and pledge breaks?

    Almost two-thirds of OPB's operating budget comes from individual membership contributions from viewers and listeners. While a significant portion of member donations come through mail solicitation and automatic renewals, on-air drives allow OPB to attract the largest number of new and renewing members in the most efficient and effective way possible. Though new members are an essential part of OPB's long-term financial health, the length of membership drives is kept to the minimum that will allow us to reach our goals. OPB's membership drive format is based on own experiences, as well as the shared experiences of public broadcasters throughout the country.

Giving Feedback

Streaming & Podcasts

  • How do I listen to a podcast from OPB?

    Podcasts are a simple way to deliver audio and other media to computers and other devices. If you're new to podcasting, you'll need to download some free software: Juice or iTunes. You can then listen to individual podcasts and subscribe to automatic downloads of specific programs. OPB's Web site has links to the necessary software and a full list of our own podcasts.

  • How do I stream OPB Radio over my computer?

    The OPB stream allows you to listen live to OPB Radio from anywhere in the world. If you have an adequate Internet connection, this should be as simple and reliable as turning on an ordinary radio. Slower connections can force the stream to rebuffer (a pause in the stream flow -- not unlike a traffic bottleneck -- when the bit volume is more than a connection can handle).

    Live streaming playlists:

    OPB monitors its streaming servers regularly, and any problems we discover are corrected promptly. If you encounter problems, first try to connect to our live stream through direct links on the OPB Web site and not by using any bookmarked or cached link you may have saved as a shortcut. TThere's a prominent "Listen" link on the OPB home pagethat will give you options to connect directly to the stream.

    There are also links for streaming via iTunes, Real Audio, Windows Media and QuickTime.

    You might also try pasting the Web address for the streams -- -- directly into your browser address bar.

    If none of these options work, please send us a message via the Contact Us Page. To help us resolve your streaming difficulty, please let us know your operating system, the browser you use, your Internet connection and details about the problem.

Technical Issues & Reception

  • How do I report an OPB Radio reception problem?

    Please use our Reception Report Form or call the OPB Member Center at 800.241.8123.

  • Why has my radio reception recently changed or become worse?

    TV and radio reception can be affected by many ordinary things: weather, trees, placement of objects (like cars, people or furniture), a building's materials and components, sunspots and local terrain, among others.

    OPB constantly monitors the quality of our outgoing radio and TV signals. Our engineering staff works throughout Oregon, maintaining, upgrading and repairing equipment in the more than 75 sites from which an OPB TV or Radio signal originates. When weather conditions are bad or when access to equipment is made difficult or even impossible, repairs may take longer than any of us would like. At such times we ask for your patience and understanding while our engineers diagnose the problems and repair equipment. If a problem does persist, please use our Reception Report Form or call the Member Center at 800.241.8123.

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