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Studio Session: Magic Mouth

Easily one of the more talked about bands to emerge from the Portland music scene this year, Magic Mouth recently released their new EP, Devil May Care. The band, a powerhouse on stage, challenged itself to bring that same energy to its studio recordings.

“Typically when you’re recording it loses that energy,” says frontman Chanticleer Trü, “and we pretty much depend on that energy.”

The band succeeded, as Devil May Care is replete with rich punk and gospel sound, as well as the vitality the four-member group brings to its live shows.

The four have somewhat unlikely musical backgrounds. Peter Condra and Ana Briseño played together first, just a guitar-and-drums two piece, in a style Briseño describes as “really raw garage rock.” Trü has a theater background and grew up singing in church. Brendan Scott was still trying to learn to play bass when he came on board. 

“I love our differences as musicians and our backgrounds, where we come from,” Trü says. “I feel like it really keeps things fresh and keeps things fun.”

Watch and listen to the full opbmusic session.

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