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Studio Session: The Parson Red Heads

The third full-length record from the Portland quartet The Parson Red Heads finds the group exploring louder, more up-tempo territory with the help of producer Scott McCaughey. Orb Weaver is a departure from the band’s previous two albums in that the sound is more rock ‘n’ roll, much like the band’s live shows.

“We were starting to write this collection of songs that all just seemed to be more guitar-rock songs,” says singer and guitarist Evan Way, “so we decided to go in and just kind of try to do it faster and be a little more spontaneous about it.”

The band, though originally formed in Eugene, moved to Los Angeles before moving back to Oregon. You might recognize them from a Portlandia sketch “Dream of the 1890s,” that recalls a time when “people were growing out their mutton chops and waxing their handlebar mustaches.” The band’s beards came in handy for the sketch.

To audition for the part, the band prepared a four-part, a cappella harmony to The Beach Boys “Surfer Girl,” but when they got the part, they found out the song was a “no-part harmony,” Way says.

“I guess we over achieved a little bit,” he says.

Listen to the audition piece and the rest of the opbmusic session.

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