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Goat Yoga's Rise From Oregon Experiment To Internet Sensation

After Goat Yoga rose to internet fame, its Oregon founder has tried to turn the viral sensation into a sustainable business.

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Saving Green Sea Turtles In 'My Haggan Dream'

When a green sea turtle talks to you in a dream, you listen.

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Skip The Drama, Backpack With A Llama In Oregon

Llama backpacking is popular among Oregonians who don't want to carry a heavy pack on the trail.

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Counting Mountain Goats On Mount St. Helens

Prior to the eruption of Mount St. Helens, few people realized there were mountain goats living in the area. A recent survey shows they are thriving in the region.

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Shepherdess Briana Murphy Takes On Portland Foliage

Briana Murphy's goats clear foliage throughout the urban jungles of industrial Portland.

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At 88, 'Raptorman' Jim Anderson Still Lives Up To His Nickname

At 88 years old, Jim Anderson can be found climbing trees, tracking eagles and continuing the conservation work that earned him the nickname “Raptorman.”  

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Springfield Dogs To Star In 'Scoop The Poop' Promo Calendar

As if scooping dog poop into a plastic bag isn’t its own reward, Springfield’s Development and Public Works Department is offering dog walkers a whiff of fame as well.

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Eugene Nonprofit Brings Doomed California Strays To Northwest Homes

Rescue Express takes dogs and cats from so-called high-kill shelters in California and transports them to no-kill shelters, rescue groups and homes throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Oregon Zoo Releases Last Of Summer's Silverspot Butterflies

The Oregon Zoo has released the last batch of its zoo-raised silverspot butterflies into the wild as part of a summer program aimed at boosting their numbers.

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Hundreds Of Corgis Invade Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach faced an invasion of short-legged, happy-go-lucky creatures with ears bigger than life and smiles to match during the 4th Annual Oregon Corgi Beach Day on Saturday, July 30.