Huckabee Serves Up 'God, Guns' And A Dose Of Controversy

NPR |Jan. 24, 2015 2:53 p.m.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee sees America as divided into "bubble-ville" and "Bubba-ville," a cultural split he describes in his new book, Gods, Guns, Grits, and Gravy.

'Rum, Rumba, And Romance': A Book On Cuba's Enduring Mystique

NPR |Dec. 19, 2014 5:15 p.m.

This week, President Obama announced that he will begin to normalize relations with Cuba. Cuban-American writer Richard Blanco recommends a book about Cuba's imprint on the American imagination.

How Washington's Odd Couple Transformed Welfare

NPR |Dec. 08, 2014 2:09 p.m.

The new book The Professor and the President looks back at how Daniel Patrick Moynihan pushed the Nixon White House to embrace a relatively liberal welfare plan.

In Troubled Times, Does 'The Black Church' Still Matter?

NPR |Dec. 07, 2014 9:34 a.m.

As the nation endures a season of racial tension, NPR's Michel Martin talks about the mission of the black church and whether it remains relevant in the social justice movement.

These 'True Tales' Add Nuance To The Immigration Discussion

NPR |Nov. 21, 2014 3:36 p.m.

President Obama announced an executive action on immigration this week. For an in-depth look at the issue, author Gustavo Arellano recommends two nonfiction collections about Mexican immigrants.

Why Would Someone Choose Silence For 17 Years?

NPR |Nov. 21, 2014 6:21 a.m.

For almost three decades, John Francis has been a planetwalker, traveling the globe by foot and sail with a silent message of environmental respect. For 17 of those years he didn't speak a word.

Sen. Mitch McConnell's Political Life, Examined, In 'The Cynic'

NPR |Nov. 20, 2014 1:35 p.m.

When journalist Alec MacGillis started looking into McConnell's early politics, he says he was "startled" by how moderate the Republican used to be. The book traces McConnell's shift to the right.

43 On 41: A President Traces The Life Of His Father

NPR |Nov. 11, 2014 7:20 a.m.

Former President George W. Bush sits down with host David Greene to discuss his new book, "41," a biography of his father and fellow former President George H.W. Bush.

For Political Junkies, A (Literary) Post-Election Fix

NPR |Nov. 07, 2014 3:30 p.m.

Post elections, Molly Antopol and Jason Sheehan reflect on the results by turning their favorite political books, Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail.

Election Night Eating: A Tasting Menu For What's At Stake

NPR |Nov. 01, 2014 7:48 a.m.

NPR's politics team is hosting an election night party Tuesday. But you can't have a party without good grub. So we've put together a menu inspired by the politics in play.

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