Local Organization Rises To The Challenge Of Banned Books

OPB | April 23, 2014 midnight

Justin Stanley is the founder of The Uprise Books Project, a Vancouver, Washington-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting censorship and promoting literacy.

Oregon Historical Photo: The Floating Ballroom

OPB | April 21, 2014 midnight

Michael Ringler, a gifted athlete, comes to Oregon and ends up designing one of Portland's most iconic buildings.

Marv Ellis Raps Out A Surprise For OPB Soundman

OPB | April 16, 2014 midnight

Eugene hip-hop impresario Marv Ellis offered to tell us everything about himself, all in rhyme. He even incorporated our audio technician into the rap!

Ballerina Alison Roper Celebrates A Storied Career By Dancing Around Portland

OPB | April 15, 2014 midnight

Alison Roper, a principal dancer at Oregon Ballet Theatre, is retiring. In honor of her storied career, we asked her to step off stage and dance around Portland. 

Oregon Historical Photo: Two Governors Compare Lapel Widths

OPB | April 14, 2014 midnight

Although Mark Hatfield and Tom McCall had different clothing styles, they shared the distinction of being iconic, maverick Republicans.

'Filmed By Bike' Brings International Bike Cinema To Portland

OPB | April 10, 2014 midnight

Filmed by Bike is the city's premiere film festival dedicated to movies with themes revolving around bikes.

Oregon Historical Photo: Champion Lady Buckaroo

OPB | April 07, 2014 midnight

At the 1912 Pendleton Round-Up, Tillie Baldwin was crowned champion at trick riding and wild bronc riding.

'Comics For Change' Tackles Large Oregon Issues In Mini-Comics

OPB | April 02, 2014 midnight

A collection of mini-comics tells the stories of 10 of Oregon's community organizers.

Janessa Munt's Dollar-Bill Origami

OPB | April 01, 2014 midnight

Eighteen-year-old origami artist Janessa Munt has developed original designs that transform dollar bills into bulldogs, goats, mermaids, manta rays, dinosaurs and more.

First Time Nationwide: Portland Groups Stage All Of Shakespeare’s Works In Two Years

OPB | March 28, 2014 midnight

Twenty local theater companies, large and small, join forces to stage 37 Shakespeare plays over two years.

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