Oregon Historical Photo: Oyster Evolution

OPB |Dec. 22, 2014 midnight

Overharvesting decimated native populations of oysters growing in bays along Oregon’s coastline. Find out how resourceful oystermen revolutionized the industry through persistent experimentation.

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Artist Horisuzu: Maintaining Traditions With Integrity

OPB |Dec. 18, 2014 midnight

The Portland-based artist shares the tradition of Japanese tattooing with his clients. Find out more about the art form, his ongoing apprenticeship, and why he sees himself as a "translator."

10 Years Of Dickens: A Q&A With Thom Bray

OPB |Dec. 17, 2014 midnight

The Portland-based actor and drama teacher has donned Victorian-era garb and performed a reading of the original text of A Christmas Carol every December for the past 10 years.

Oregon Historical Photo: James Beard

OPB |Dec. 15, 2014 midnight

Portland native James Beard launched the first cooking show on national television, predating Julia Child by more than 15 years. Learn more about his Oregon roots and his culinary career.

Cook It At Home: Chefs' Holiday Dinners

OPB |Dec. 12, 2014 midnight

We catch up with some of the chefs featured in OPB's Cook it at Home series to find out how they celebrate the holidays.

Best Bets: Oregon Holiday Art Fairs

OPB |Dec. 10, 2014 midnight

By visiting a craft bazaar or art exhibition in your area, you can find plenty of great gifts made by Oregon artisans if you just know where to look. Check out these suggestions from Oregon Art Beat.

Oregon Historical Photo: Saloons ‘Afloat’ During 1894 Portland Flood

OPB |Dec. 08, 2014 midnight

Portland’s past is filled with legendary stories of rampant vice, shanghaied sailors and opium dens. Find out how much of the city’s illicit history is true and which colorful episodes are more likely tall tales.

Best Bets: Holiday Performances Around Oregon & Southwest Washington

OPB |Dec. 02, 2014 8:30 a.m.

If you live outside Portland or will be traveling this holiday season, check out our list of holiday performances around Oregon and southwest Washington you won't want to miss.

Confessions Of A Picky Mother: 4 Holiday Shows For The Entire Family

OPB |Dec. 02, 2014 8:30 a.m.

Hey art lovers — don't suffer through shows that entertain your children but leave you saying, "Bah, humbug!" During the holidays, Portland serves up many performances that will thrill both you and your kids.

Oregon Historical Photo: WWII Navy Recruits, 1942

OPB |Dec. 01, 2014 midnight

Between 1941 and 1945, World War II drastically changed Oregon’s economic, social and demographic profile. Find out how the war’s great challenges left profound impressions on hundreds of thousands of Oregonians, in military service and on the home front.

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