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Goat Yoga's Rise From Oregon Experiment To Internet Sensation

After Goat Yoga rose to internet fame, its Oregon founder has tried to turn the viral sensation into a sustainable business.

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Portland Center Stage Director Chris Coleman Leaving For Denver

The director, administrator and advocate built assets for Portland Center Stage, and stoked discussions on public funding.

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Waste Not-Want Not Onion Skin Powder Revs Up Cheese Biscuits

Transforming onion skins into powder reduces food waste and imparts depth of flavor to cheese biscuits from Portlander Sarah Marshall's new canning and preserving cookbook.

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Quick! Try Easy Soups From Scratch With Breads To Match

Portland's Ivy Manning shows us how to warm up when the chilly rains arrive: Soups from scratch with breads to match, on the table in one hour tops.

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Figs Meet Bleu Cheese In An Unexpected Place: An Upside-Down Mochi Cake

Sweet-savory upside-down fig cake from "My Rice Bowl" reflects Revelry chef/owner Rachel Yang's personal Korean-fusion cuisine.

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'The Four Top': Hannah Wallace | Andy Kryza | Jeff Alworth

How prevalent is alcoholism in the food and beverage industries? Next, what's a Radler, what's a Shandy, and why are these beverages so popular right now? And finally, how important is water to brewing and winemaking ... and what happens when that water is undrinkable?

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Invasive Valley Trees Yield Perry-Poached Pear Frangipane

Pears have become a top invasive tree in the Willamette Valley but hard cider crafted from fruits picked in abandoned orchards makes for sweet sipping — and baking.

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Pass The Cider Sampling Platter, Please

Ciders and makers around the United States and Canada are profiled but the Pacific Northwest is well-represented in "Tasting Cider," a guide that packs in lots of info for novices and aficionados, plus a few recipes. 

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Is Art Working For Everyone In The City That Works?

A search committee has spent the last eight months laying groundwork to replace Portland’s top arts administrator. The conversation has been heavily seasoned with calls for change.

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Sip Away Autumn Chills With Bauman's Apple Cranberry Warmer

The fall harvest underway in Oregon's Willamette Valley orchards yields pure apple juice from dozens of varietals, for brewing this quick, flavorful stovetop drink.