Portland Author Cat Winters On Writing For Teens, What Her Family Thinks About Her Books

OPB |Oct. 22, 2014 midnight

Cat Winters began her career writing adult historical fiction, but now she's making her mark with award-winning young adult novels such as In the Shadow of Blackbirds and The Cure for Dreaming.

Oregon Historical Photo: Snowy Crater Lake

OPB |Oct. 20, 2014 midnight

As a young boy in Kansas, William Gladstone Steel became fascinated with Crater Lake. Find out how this boyhood interest fueled his quest to preserve Crater Lake for future generations.

Oregon Historical Photo: Renaissance Man C.E.S. Wood

OPB |Oct. 13, 2014 midnight

As a young West Point graduate, C.E.S. Wood fought in the Nez Perce War of 1877 and recorded Chief Joseph’s words of surrender. Find out about Wood’s significant and lasting legacy in Portland.

Oregon Historical Photo: Logging In Wallowa County

OPB |Oct. 06, 2014 midnight

In the 1920s, blacks and whites lived and worked in Maxville, a small logging community in northeast Oregon. Find out how one African-American logger’s daughter learned about a vanished town’s history.

Oregon Historical Photo: Sternwheeler On The Columbia River

OPB |Sept. 29, 2014 midnight

Before the turn of the 20th century, a patchwork of river and rail transit carried goods and passengers through the Columbia River Gorge. Find out how engineering breakthroughs opened up the corridor from Oregon’s interior to its seacoast.

Portland Artist Hsin-Yi Huang Loves Working With Clay

OPB |Sept. 25, 2014 midnight

Portland ceramicist Hsin-Yi Huang creates whimsical pieces inspired by nature and her everyday experiences — from lizards to flowers to artichokes and more.

Feast Portland: From Sandwiches To Sodas And Everything In-Between

OPB |Sept. 23, 2014 11:45 a.m.

Feast Portland concluded its third year this past weekend. View our slideshow of the festival featuring scenes from the Sandwich Invitational and hands-on candy- and soda-making classes.

Oregon Historical Photo: Fighting In The Lava Beds During Modoc War

OPB |Sept. 22, 2014 midnight

During the Modoc War, the Modocs retreated to the lava beds after a series of skirmishes with the U.S. government. Learn how knowledge of the lava beds allowed the outnumbered Modocs to hold off the U.S. army for so long.

Feast Portland Features Talented Female Chefs In 'Girls! Girls! Girls!'

OPB |Sept. 19, 2014 midnight

This year Feast Portland offers the "Girls, Girls, Girls" dinner with several talented female chefs. Naomi Pomeroy, Christina Tosi, Johanna Ware and Kuniko Yagi talk with OPB about their experiences, inspirations and role models.

Snap A Photo Of Your Favorite #OregonMoment And Be Entered To Win!

OPB |Sept. 15, 2014 2:30 p.m.

Share your favorite "Oregon moment" by entering the Oregon Art Beat and Portland Art Museum photo contest. Find out how to enter and what you could win.

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