Oregon Historical Photo: Pristine Bull Run Water

OPB |Sept. 01, 2014 midnight

Few Portlanders know the story behind the ingenious gravity-based system that delivers pure water to their taps from a source near Mount Hood. Find out how water was first piped from Bull Run Lake nearly 120 years ago.

Oregon Lens 2014 Filmmaker Profile: Zak Davis of Juliet Zulu

OPB |Aug. 28, 2014 midnight

Juliet Zulu, a Portland creative agency, is creating a series of pro bono films featuring members of the community such as beekeepers, tree workers and ex-military bike riders.

Oregon Lens 2014 Filmmaker Profile: Boaz Frankel

OPB |Aug. 27, 2014 midnight

Boaz Frankel, co-host and co-creator of The Pedal Powered Talk Show, conducts interviews from a desk attached to the front of a Metrofiets cargo bike.

Oregon Lens 2014 Filmmaker Profile: Lauren Paterson

OPB |Aug. 26, 2014 midnight

Lauren Paterson, a multimedia journalism student, has two documentaries in this year’s Oregon Lens series: The Stewardess and 21st Century Monk.

Oregon Historical Photo: Winema and Frank Riddle

OPB |Aug. 25, 2014 midnight

Toby (Winema) Riddle and her husband Frank acted as translators between the Modocs and the U.S. Army during the Modoc War. Learn how Toby's cousin, Captain Jack, managed to hold off the U.S. Army for seven months while outnumbered six to one.

Sketch Club Turns Doodles Into Confidence

OPB |Aug. 21, 2014 midnight

Through doodles, drawings, conversation and advice, Beaverton painter Gabe Fernandez helps young artists hone their skills while building self-esteem and confidence.

Oregon Lens 2014 Features Diverse Lineup of Independent Films

OPB |Aug. 20, 2014 midnight

Host Steve Amen presents five consecutive nights of outstanding work by Northwest independent filmmakers. Find out what films are in this year's lineup, airing August 25-29 at 10 p.m. on OPB TV.

Oregon Historical Photo: Votes For Women Tonight

OPB |Aug. 18, 2014 midnight

Oregon lagged behind Idaho, Washington and California in extending voting rights to women. But in 1912, supporters ran a successful campaign using modern strategies. Find out how this led to social improvements in Oregon and nationwide.

Textile Artist Sidnee Snell On Quilting, Engineering & The Art Of Hand Dyeing

OPB |Aug. 15, 2014 midnight

Textile artist Sidnee Snell hand dyes the colorful fabrics she uses in her unique art quilts. A former engineer, Snell incorporates the computer into her process as she creates quilts which are in essence fabric paintings.

'Art Behind Barbed Wire' Features Arts & Crafts From Japanese-American Internment Camps

OPB |Aug. 14, 2014 midnight

A new exhibition at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center features arts and crafts made by Japanese-Americans while they were incarcerated in internment camps during World War II.

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