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Capturing Mount Hood With Photographer Andrew Holman

Photographer Andrew Holman was drawn to the Northwest by the prospect of connecting with the outdoors. His passion for capturing stunning landscapes inspired a passion for climbing.

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Smoke Prompts Unorthodox Training For Oregon Cross Runners

Cross country runners in southern Oregon are using some alternative methods to keep their fitness up with wildfire smoke making outdoor running unsafe.

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Bonding, Good Weather And A Wedding At Hood To Coast 2017

"I need a nap and a shower. But I loved it. Every second of it," said one Hood To Coast runner, minutes after finishing the relay, a few hours before his wedding.

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History, Beer And Throwing Heavy Things At Portland Highland Games

The Portland Highland Games have become somewhat of a Northwest institution — part Scottish celebration and part beer league softball.

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The Estacada Timber Festival Brings Out Local Competition

Longtime logging competitors meet up once again on the Fourth of July for the Estacada Timber Festival.

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Hut-To-Hut Biking On Mount Hood

The Cascade Huts are 256-square foot green, metal structures along the Mount Hood bike loop.

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Skip The Drama, Backpack With A Llama In Oregon

Llama backpacking is popular among Oregonians who don't want to carry a heavy pack on the trail.

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Luxury And Hardship At Mount Hood's Cloud Cap Inn

The Cloud Cap Inn is the oldest Alpine lodge in the United States.

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Pedaling The Rails From Enterprise To Joseph, Oregon

Part bike, part old-fashioned rail car, railriders travel on the tracks between Joseph and Enterprise.

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Ultralight Hikers Do More With Less

Clint “Lint” Bunting is an ultralight backpacker whose entire life on the trail fits into a pack that weighs just 8 pounds.