Amelia Templeton

Amelia Templeton is a multimedia reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting. She covers City Hall and Portland area news.

She was previously a reporter for EarthFix, an award-winning public media project covering the environment in the Northwest. She coproduced the Oregon Field Guide and online special Glacier Caves: Mt. Hood’s Secret World.

Amelia has also worked as a freelance journalist for NPR, Marketplace, and CBS News. From 2007-2009 she was a Refugee Policy Analyst with Human Rights First in Washington, DC.

Amelia has been producing radio since 2004, when she contributed to a student radio podcast of stories from the war in Iraq. She has a B.A. in History from Swarthmore College. Amelia enjoys hiking, exploring the Northwest, and raising chickens in her backyard.

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Recent Articles

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Truffle Hunters Shut Out Of Some Favorite Spots This Season

OPB | March 4, 2015 4:05 p.m. | Banks, Oregon

It’s truffle season in Oregon’s forests. The fungus is prized by restaurants and can sell for $400 a pound or more. But this year truffle hunters are shut out of some of their favorite spots.

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Portland Firefighters Seek Training On Oil Train Fires And Transportation Accidents

OPB | March 4, 2015 3:16 p.m.

The Portland City Council today approved a plan to send 13 firefighters to Texas for a special training course on flammable liquid fires.  Portland Fire and Rescue said they are seeking the training in response to the increased rail shipments of crude oil by rail and barge through the Portland area.


Woman Sues Mennonite School In Salem Over Sex Abuse

OPB | March 3, 2015 3:36 p.m.

A young woman is suing a small Christian school in Salem and seeking more than $5 million in damages. She alleges the school's negligence contributed to her abuse by a teacher.


Audit Faults Portland Police Training

OPB | March 3, 2015 3:17 p.m. | Portland

The team that trains Portland's 900 police officers has been under scrutiny since the Department of Justice found a pattern of excessive force against the mentally ill. A new audit suggests the training division isn’t repeating key lessons often enough.


Bill Currier Selected To Be Chairman of Oregon Republican Party

OPB | Feb. 28, 2015 3:57 p.m.

The Oregon Republican Party selected Bill Currier to be its new party chair on Saturday, after a contentious debate.


Portland Council Votes To Work More Closely With FBI On Terrorism Cases

OPB | Feb. 19, 2015 5:14 p.m.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, who has long opposed Portland Police participation in the FBI's terrorism task force, changed his mind and cast the deciding vote in favor of re-joining the JTTF.


Portland City Council Votes To Ban Smoking In Parks

OPB | Feb. 18, 2015 4:42 p.m.

The Portland City Council voted today to ban all forms of smoking in the city’s parks, natural areas, golf courses, and community centers. The ban goes into effect July 1. 

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FAQ: Could Gov. John Kitzhaber Commute Death Row Sentences?

OPB | Feb. 17, 2015 3:54 p.m.

With Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber scheduled to resign Wednesday, opponents of the death penalty have asked him to commute the sentences of death row prisoners to life without parole in a move of last-minute clemency.

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Oregon Man Pleads Guilty To Aiding Family Of Suicide Bomber

OPB | Feb. 13, 2015 1 p.m.

An Oregon resident has pleaded guilty to financially helping the family of a suicide bomber who attacked Pakistani Intelligence headquarters five years ago.  The attack killed dozens of people.

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Mother of Inmate Killed At Snake River Prison Files Suit

OPB | Feb. 12, 2015 3:55 p.m.

The mother of an inmate who was killed inside a prison near Ontario Oregon has notified the state she will pursue a wrongful death claim.


Portland Transportation Leaders Set Goal To End All Traffic Fatalities In the City

OPB | Feb. 10, 2015 3:26 p.m.

Portland’s Director of Transportation has set a new safety goal: to end traffic fatalities in the next ten years. On average, 37 Portlanders die each year in traffic accidents.


Family Program To Close At Oregon Women's Prison

OPB | Feb. 7, 2015 5:45 p.m.

A program that helps children connect with their mothers in a state prison near Portland has run out of funding.


Portland Council Considers Joining FBI's Anti-Terrorism Task Force

OPB | Feb. 6, 2015 9:40 a.m. | Portland

The Portland City Council is weighing whether to assign two city police officers to an FBI anti-terrorism task force.


Bill Would Allow Oregon Officers To Enforce Domestic Violence Gun Ban

OPB | Feb. 4, 2015 5:15 p.m.

The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would make it easier for police to confiscate guns in cases of domestic violence and suspected domestic violence.

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Oregon Truffle Hunters Persist Despite New Regulations

OPB | Jan. 31, 2015 3:25 p.m.

Foragers say some of the best soil in Oregon belongs to private timber companies that no longer permit truffle hunting. 


Portland Mayor Sets Progressive Agenda in 2015 State of the City Speech

OPB | Jan. 30, 2015 1:09 p.m.

The Portland Mayor wants a $15 minimum wage for city workers and has proposed giving tax credits to businesses that employ ex-offenders.

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Bias Complaints At Daimler Portland Plant Settled For $2.4M

OPB | Jan. 29, 2015 11:57 a.m.

Daimler Trucks has agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle civil rights complaints from Native American, black and gay men at its Portland Truck manufacturing plant.


City Council Approves New Investments In Affordable Housing In North Portland

OPB | Jan. 28, 2015 5:51 p.m.

North and Northeast Portland has gone from being about 30 percent African American in the 1980s to 15 percent in the 2010 census. The Housing Bureau has committed to help families at risk of being displaced.

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Council Looks To Increase Affordable Housing In North Portland

OPB | Jan. 27, 2015 9:15 p.m. | Portland

The Portland City Council will discuss Wednesday a strategy to increase affordable housing in North and Northeast Portland.


Video Chats Replace Face-To-Face Visits In Oregon's Largest County Jail System

OPB | Jan. 25, 2015 6:13 p.m.

By the end of the year, inmates in the Multntomah County Jail will no longer be able to visit with friends and family separated by a pane of glass.