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Salem Correspondent, Northwest News Network

Chris Lehman

Chris Lehman is the Salem correspondent for the Northwest News Network.

He landed his first job at Red River Public Radio in Shreveport, Louisiana. Three years later he headed north to DeKalb, Illinois, where he worked as a reporter and announcer for the NPR affiliate, WNIJ. In 2006 he headed west. Chris has also reported from overseas as a freelancer. He's filed stories from Iraq, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Northern Ireland, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

Chris holds a degree in journalism from Temple University.

He lives in Salem with his wife and their two children.

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What Trump's Election Means To Blue Voters In A Red County

OPB | Jan. 17, 2017 11:12 a.m. | Bend, Oregon

The backlash against Donald Trump's election has been intense in places such as Portland and Seattle -- cities that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton. But east of the Cascades, opponents of the president-elect are working more quietly.

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OPB Politics Now: Gov Kate Brown on Guns, Taxes, and PERS Reform

OPB | Jan. 12, 2017 2:23 p.m.

Amid a busy news week, you might have missed Kate Brown being sworn in as Oregon’s Governor.

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Gov. Kate Brown Signals Strong Push For Transportation Funding Package

OPB | Jan. 9, 2017 4:32 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signaled Monday that she'll make a strong push with state legislators for a transportation funding package. She'll likely need support from both Republicans and Democrats to make it happen.

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Oregon Lawmakers Gather In Salem To Take The Oath Of Office

OPB | Jan. 9, 2017 10:19 a.m. | Salem, Oregon

Members of the 2017 Oregon Legislature gathered in Salem Monday to take the oath of office.

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She Became A Citizen 5 Years Ago. Now, She's An Oregon Lawmaker

OPB | Jan. 6, 2017 5:24 p.m. | Woodburn, Oregon

In just five years, Teresa Alonso Leon went from brand-new citizen to an elected member of the Oregon House of Representatives. She's part of a new crop of lawmakers taking the oath of office Monday.

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Kate Brown To Take Oath, Deliver Inaugural Address Monday

OPB | Jan. 6, 2017 5:11 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will be sworn in for another two years Monday.

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Tobias Read Takes Oath To Become Oregon Treasurer

OPB | Jan. 6, 2017 2:42 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon has a new state treasurer. Democrat Tobias Read took the oath of office Friday afternoon at the state capitol. He was elected in November to replace Ted Wheeler, who is now Portland's mayor.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's Chief Of Staff Resigns

OPB | Jan. 3, 2017 3:22 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is looking for a new chief of staff heading into the 2017 legislative session.

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New Year Means New Laws In Oregon

OPB | Dec. 28, 2016 8:45 a.m. | Salem, Oregon

The new year means a slate of new laws will take effect in Oregon. One example: It will no longer be legal to release "sky lanterns" in the state.

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Oregon's 1st Republican Elected To Statewide Office In 14 Years Takes Office Friday

OPB | Dec. 28, 2016 8:30 a.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon will soon have its first Republican secretary of state in more than three decades. Dennis Richardson is set to take the oath of office Friday.

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300 Oregon Dispensaries Could Stop Recreational Cannabis Sales Soon

OPB | Dec. 28, 2016 midnight | Salem, Oregon

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon have until the end of December to sell to recreational users without a new license.

Want Your Tax Refund Fast? Oregonians Must Wait Until February 15

OPB | Dec. 23, 2016 3:11 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

If you're planning on a state income tax refund in Oregon, you may have to wait a little longer in 2017. The Oregon Department of Revenue says it won't issue any refunds before February 15. The agency says the move is meant to combat fraud.

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Audit: More Transparency Needed For Oregon's Economic Incentives

OPB | Dec. 19, 2016 5:10 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon's agency devoted to economic development should provide more transparency about how its incentives are being used, according to a newly released audit.

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4 Washington State Electors Break Ranks

Northwest News Network | Dec. 19, 2016 4:30 p.m.

They may not change history. But four Washington electors made history Monday when they broke ranks and voted for alternative candidates for president and vice president.

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Oregon Electors Stick With Hillary Clinton

OPB | Dec. 19, 2016 4:15 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

The seven Democrats who gathered at the state Capitol on Monday stayed true to the candidate selected by the majority of Oregon voters last month.

Election | local | Politics | News | Election 2016

Electoral College Members Cast Votes For President Monday

OPB | Dec. 16, 2016 5:30 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Monday is the day when members of the Electoral College cast their votes. Oregon's seven electors will gather in the state Senate chambers in Salem at 11 a.m.

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Audit Finds Problems At Oregon's Water Resources Department

OPB | Dec. 16, 2016 2:50 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

The review by the Oregon Secretary of State's office finds the agency doesn't have enough staff to adequately monitor and analyze water usage across the state.

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Army Veteran James Manning Appointed To Oregon Senate

OPB | Dec. 15, 2016 4:28 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

A vacant seat in the Oregon Senate will soon belong to an African-American Army veteran from Eugene. The Lane County Board of Commissioners made the selection Wednesday.

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Oregon DOJ Proposal Aims To Reduce Law Enforcement Profiling

OPB | Dec. 14, 2016 3:15 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Law enforcement officers in Oregon would be required to collect data on the race, ethnicity, age and sex of people they pull over.

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Oregon Lawmakers Delay Decision On Opening 2nd Women's Prison

OPB | Dec. 14, 2016 2:21 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon lawmakers have decided they need more time to decide whether to fund a second women's prison in the state.