Colin Fogarty

Northwest News Network Editor

Colin Fogarty fell in love with public radio as a 19–year–old student at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He launched his life in radio as a board operator at WMUB, where he spun records for "Mama Jazz." He was always a news junky, but he got hooked on reporting when he covered a 1992 campaign rally. Colin ran across the quad, stuck a microphone in then-Senator Al Gore's face and asked a question. When Gore actually answered, Colin knew he had found his calling.

Colin spent 13 years as a reporter at Oregon Public Broadcasting, covering politics and the state legislature. His stories were frequently heard on NPR and won regional and national awards. In September 2008, he landed the best job he could imagine as the editor of a talented team of regional correspondents serving 12 public radio stations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Colin lives in Portland with his wife Stephanie Wiant, their three children and three chickens.

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