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Eilis O'Neill

Eilís O'Neill is the EarthFix reporter at KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio in Seattle. Eilís (eye-LEASH)  fell in love with radio as a 14-year-old high school intern at KUOW. Since then, she’s wandered the world recording people’s stories and telling them on the air. She’s worked at KALW in San Francisco and WAMU in D.C.; she’s freelanced for public radio programs such as The World and Marketplace from places such as Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile; and she’s written for The Nation and other magazines.

Eilís has a degree in English and Spanish from Oberlin College and a master’s degree in science, environment and health journalism from Columbia University.

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Recent Articles


Why Pipeline Activists On Trial Say, 'We Had To Do It'

A development in two climate activists' trial could set a new precedent for cases of climate change-related civil disobedience.

News | Environment

Salmon Industry Wants To Prepare For More Acidic Oceans

Carbon emissions are making the oceans more acidic. That’s long been known to harm shellfish, but new research shows more acidic water could take a toll on salmon as well.

Environment | Politics | Recreation

Here's What A $70 Entrance Fee Means For National Parks And Their Visitors

The Interior Department has proposed paying for needed repairs by increasing the entry fees at 17 popular national parks, including Mount Rainier and Olympic in the Pacific Northwest.


The Mountain Wildflower Meadows You're Used To May Be Replaced By Something New

Future visitors to Mount Rainier’s wildflower meadows could have a very different experience from the one we’re used to having today.

Environment | Fish & Wildlife

Can Fugitive Atlantic Salmon Survive In The Wild?

Last summer’s escape of more than 100,000 Atlantic salmon from a fish farm in Puget Sound has renewed a debate among scientists about whether or not these fish can survive long term in the wild.

News | Environment | local | Fish & Wildlife

Reviving Black Diamond's Coal Mine In Seattle's Green Shadow

Coal mining could be coming back in the Northwest to an old coal mine in southeast King County.

News | Environment | local | Fish & Wildlife

Puget Sound's Southern Resident Orca Population Drops To 30-Year Low

In the wake of the death of yet another orca, researchers and conservationists are urging more steps to protect Puget Sound's endangered southern resident killer whales.

Flora and Fauna | Water | Science | Land use | Recreation | Fish & Wildlife | Environment

Gold And Copper Mining In The Rainy Shadow Of A Volcano

The Forest Service has given a Canadian company permission to explore for gold and copper in the shadow of Mount St. Helens.

Air | Environment

People Of Color Are Living With More Polluted Air Than Whites Are

At every income level, people of color are still exposed to more air pollution than white people, a study from the University of Washington finds.

Environment | Fish & Wildlife

Where Have The West’s Monarch Butterflies Gone?

New research shows western monarchs are disappearing even faster than their eastern cousins.

Environment | Fish & Wildlife

Washington’s Fish Farms Are Governed By Decades-Old Guidelines

The guidelines have been on the books since 1986. Critics of fish farming in Puget Sound say last month's farmed salmon escape underscores the need for better standards and enforcement.

Food | Environment | Flora and Fauna | Land | Land use

Tribe's Huckleberry Harvest Brings Fire (or Something Like It) Back to the Forest

Washington's Tulalip Tribe is working with the Forest Service to recreate open patches in the forest.

Environment | Science

Study: Probiotics Can Help Trees Clean Up Toxic Waste

Humans like their yogurt and new research indicates the trees that clean up toxic waste stand to benefit from probiotics too.

News | Environment | Technology | Recreation

Will Cellphones Upset The Solitude Of Mount Rainier?

Soon, there could be cell service at Mount Rainier National Park.

Air | Environment | News | Nation

Wildfire Smoke From Canada Expected To Keep On Coming Into Washington And Oregon

Forecasts predict smoke will keep coming and continue to blanket Washington and Oregon throughout the weekend.

Environment | Transportation | Recreation

New Bus Gives Hikers a New Way to Get Outside

Starting this week, it will be easier for Seattle-area hikers to get to the woods on public transportation.

Forestry | News | Environment | Flora and Fauna | Science

Sword Fern Mystery: Acres Of Dead Forest Plants Puzzle Scientists

Sword ferns have been dying in huge numbers in forests around Puget Sound. The problem is spreading and scientists are scrambling to figure out what’s killing the centuries-old plants.

News | Environment | Books | Politics

Washington Lawmakers Leave Enviros Feeling Shorted

Washington’s legislative session did not deliver the money environmentalists wanted for toxic cleanup, oil transportation safety, or natural resources.

Forestry | Environment

To Save The Forest, Don't Cut The 1st Tree: Study

Researchers at Oregon State wanted to know which is worse--chopping down an acre in a forest that’s already been disturbed or in a forest previously untouched by humans. The answer surprised them.

Animals | local | Science | News | Fish & Wildlife | Environment

Study: Orcas Lose Two-Thirds Of Their Pregnancies

Two-thirds of all detectable orca pregnancies have ended in miscarriages over the past seven years.