Julia Pickar

Fill-In Announcer/Contributor

Julia works as an announcer at OPB. She is also a freelance journalist for the Northwest News Network. Previously, Julia was a freelance news producer for the nationally-syndicated news program "To the Point" (a co-production of Public Radio International and KCRW) and local shows "Which Way, LA?" (KCRW) and "Air Talk" (KPCC). She was also a fill-in news anchor for jazz station KSBR, where she also produced and reported state and local news stories. Prior toworking in radio, Julia was an e-business consultant. In 1999, she co-founded a venture-backed digital music company called iPingPong, where she focused on licensing deals with the recording industry. Julia has a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a BA in English Literature from Boston University.

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