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Lizzy Duffy

Lizzy Duffy is the news blogger for Oregon Public Broadcasting, covering state and regional news for OPB.org. Prior to coming to OPB, Lizzy served on NPR's social media team in Washington, D.C.

Lizzy is a Northwest native: She grew up in Idaho and earned a B.A. in print journalism at The University of Montana. Her work has been published in Boise Weekly, Mamalode Magazine and on NPR.org. On weekday mornings,  you can find Lizzy on the city bus with one hand on a coffee mug and the other scrolling through Twitter. Follow her @LizzyDuffy.

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NW Life | local

OPB Mug Shots: Every Mug Has A Story

OPB | March 4, 2015 10 a.m. | Portland

When you're involved with public media, either as an employee or a member, you tend to own a lot of mugs. At OPB, each desk has at least one cup for morning coffee or afternoon tea, and we were sure our audience had plenty of mugs of their own to share.

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Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard Earns College Degree

OPB | March 3, 2015 3 p.m. | Portland

Big Game Dame's dome is making news today as the Portland Trail Blazer player earned the credits to graduate from Weber State University.

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Food Trucks Unite In Salem's First Pod

OPB | March 3, 2015 10:45 a.m. | Portland

Portland's southern sister, Salem, has joined the food truck ranks by officially opening its first pod over the weekend.

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New Bill Would Fine Oregon Cyclists Without Reflective Clothing

OPB | March 2, 2015 4:14 p.m. | Portland

When you bought your first bike with all the bells and whistles, did you also think to buy the flashy neon vests and pants? An Oregon lawmaker hopes that bike riders will be outfitted in reflective gear soon enough.

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Mt. Hood Glacier Cave Featured By Oregon Field Guide Collapses

OPB | March 2, 2015 1:11 p.m. | Portland

One of Mt. Hood's glacier caves, Snow Dragon, has partially collapsed. Sometime between November 2014 and the end of January, the roof caved in near the entrance.

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Dead Fish On Sauvie Island Are A Good Sign

OPB | March 2, 2015 11:28 a.m. | Portland

Dozens of dead fish ended up on the banks of Sauvie Island over the weekend, causing a smell and quite a stir.

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Uber Pulls Out Of Another Northwest Market

OPB | Feb. 26, 2015 12:19 p.m. | Portland

Ride service company Uber announced Thursday that it has pulled out of another Northwest market.

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Missing Sprague River Home Has Been Found

OPB | Feb. 26, 2015 10:09 a.m. | Portland

The missing southern Oregon home has been found. It seems it was carted off last summer, but was only recently reported stolen.

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Tiny House Craze Finally Shows Up On 'Portlandia'

OPB | Feb. 26, 2015 9 a.m. | Portland

Portlanders may roll their eyes at the overblown local stereotypes on IFC's "Portlandia," but this Thursday's episode almost perfectly captures the tiny house craze.

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New Film Documents Success, End Of Prison's Family Program

OPB | Feb. 25, 2015 1 p.m. | Portland

Parenting is already a tough job, but everyday, women in Oregon are figuring out how to continue to connect with their kids while serving time. In a new documentary, "Mothering Inside," Portland filmmaker Brian Lindstrom examines how women at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility maintain ties with their families.

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Eugene Students Change What We Think About 'Senior Prom'

OPB | Feb. 24, 2015 2:30 p.m. | Portland

Dozens of seniors in Eugene will get dressed up Friday to dance the early afternoon away, but in place of tuxes and poofy dresses, the crowd will don more comfortable attire. A jazz band will replace Top 40 hits, and ages will range from 16 to 96.

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Portland Ranks No. 5 Nationally For Surging Rental Prices

OPB | Feb. 23, 2015 11:32 a.m. | Portland

It's getting harder and harder to maintain Portland's unofficial tagline "where young people go to retire." First, we find out that our city isn't as youthful as we once thought, and now you definitely need to be employed to afford to live here.

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How 2011 New Zealand Earthquake Affects Portland's Preparation

OPB | Feb. 20, 2015 7 a.m. | Portland

There’s been a lot of talk about the earthquake that’s expected to hit the Pacific Northwest, and while locals prepare for the worst, there’s a lingering question of what will actually happen to our cities.

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber Resigns

OPB | Feb. 13, 2015 noon

Gov. John Kitzhaber will step down as Oregon’s governor amid controversy and will be replaced by Secretary of State Kate Brown.

News | Politics | local | OPB News Blog

We've Heard From The Pundits, What Do The People Say?

OPB | Feb. 13, 2015 9:34 a.m. | Portland

Though some Democratic leaders and media organizations have called for Gov. John Kitzhaber's resignation, Oregonians are more divided on whether he should stay in office.

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Democratic Leaders Call For Gov. Kitzhaber's Resignation

OPB | Feb. 12, 2015 1:23 p.m.

A number of Democratic leaders have called on Gov. John Kitzhaber to resign.

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Report Says Medford's Violent Crime Is Soaring; Police Say There's More To The Numbers

OPB | Feb. 12, 2015 9:45 a.m. | Portland

A report out this week found Medford to have the second-fastest growing violent crime rate in the country, behind Bismarck, North Dakota. But the Medford Police Department said its citizens aren't any less safe than other parts of the region.

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OSU Study Finds Treadmill Desks Won't Help Employees Drop Pounds

OPB | Feb. 10, 2015 1:59 p.m. | Portland

The modern day office has hatched all sorts of ideas to help out employees, like standing desks, telecommuting and treadmill desks. But as it turns out, walking while working is just another fad.

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Salem Locals Embrace 'Angry Owl' Jokes With New T-Shirt

OPB | Feb. 10, 2015 12:45 p.m. | Portland

After four owl attacks in a Salem-area park, residents have decided instead of getting mad or even with the large, hat-stealing bird that they would make T-shirts. That'll show it who's boss, right?

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Portland Top City For Foodies, Hood River Celebrated For Adventure

OPB | Feb. 9, 2015 4:30 p.m. | Portland

Two Oregon cities are top destinations for, what else, food and adventure.