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Important News for TV Antenna Viewers on OPB Channels 11 or 29

Important News for TV Viewers Who Receive OPB With an Antenna

Beginning Wednesday, February 27, channels 11 and 29 are moving.

The change will ONLY affect those who use antennas to watch TV. Cable and satellite subscribers are NOT affected. The change also does NOT affect Portland area TV channels.

If you receive TV with an antenna and are not able to receive your OPB channel on or after February 27, you'll need to rescan your digital TV or converter box. Refer to the channel list to find the OPB channel in your community.

How To Rescan Channels (On February 27 or later)

  • Your digital TV or converter box knows how to scan; all you need to do is start the process.
  • If you have a converter box with an older analog TV, use the box remote (NOT the TV remote). If you have a digital TV, use that remote.
  • Use the *Menu* button to search on-screen for a sub-section with a name like "Auto Scan," "Auto Program," "Auto Tuning" or "Channel Scanning." You may find it under a "Setup" heading.
  • The specific wording varies among brands. If you have trouble finding the scanning section in the menu, consult your owner's manual. The "Setup" section will usually cover scanning.
  • Use the up/down and left/right arrows to move through the on-screen menu. Highlight the scanning function, press "OK" or "Enter" and let the scan proceed. It takes only a few minutes; results will display when the scan is done.
  • Once completed, your set should display OPB on the new channel 3 in Bend or 28 in Eugene.
  • And enjoy everything on all of our digital TV channels!

NOTE: There are no changes to our digital channel lineup: 3.1/28.1 is still the main channel; 3.2/28.2 is still PLUS; 3.3/28.3 is still the radio channel for OPB Radio, KMHD Jazz and opbmusic.

If you need additional help, please call the OPB Member Center at 800.241.8123.