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Amid Fires, Downed Fences Make Good Neighbors

In the poem "Mending Wall," Robert Frost lays down the well-worn quote, "Good fences make good neighbors." In this year’s dramatic Northwest wildfires, ranchers and neighbors are cutting down “good fences” of all kinds.

Photo: Ian C. Bates

Boosting Paid Leave Often About Getting Workers To Stay

Nestle, Netflix and Microsoft are among several major employers that have announced big increases in family leave benefits this year. The moves are seen as essential as companies compete for talent.

Photo: Fabrice Coffrini, AFP/Getty Images

Why Is Oregon's Graduation Rate So Low?

OPB talked with a wide-range of Oregonians — from a parent to the governor — to explore why the state's graduation rate is so low.

Photo: Amelia Templeton / OPB

Favorable Weather Conditions Help Firefighters

Lower temperatures and higher humidity were giving firefighters the upper hand on Tuesday against some giant wildfires burning in north-central Washington.

Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Fight To Save Sage Grouse Finds Friends All Over West

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will decide whether to list the greater sage grouse as endangered. Many groups, including some oil and gas firms and a conservation group don't want that to happen.

Photo: Tom Koerner, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service