» State of Wonder: Jan. 31, 2015

State of Wonder: Jan. 31, 2015

Today we travel from rural Oregon to the Antarctic, and from 1918 to cutting edge architecture. Open your passports; they're getting the State of Wonder stamp!We

  • We tour PNCA’s new home in the old federal post office building downtown and sit down with President Tom Manley to discuss the college’s modern metamorphosis. These digs will make you want to go back to school!
  • From the Literary Arts Archives, novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux gets into the art of travel writing, the difference between traveling and vacationing, and what emperor penguins do in the winter.
  • We revisit artist John Simpkins in his psychedelic monastic retreat in southeast Oregon.
  • Cellist-in-residence Nancy Ives shares music that will lift you up on gloomy days—or help you embrace the gloom.
  • Portland musician Nick Jaina stops by the studio to talk about his new novel and play a couple tunes.
  • Grammy-winning trumpeter Thara Memory remembers trying to sit in with jazz great Eddie Harris and ending up drenched in sweat.
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