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Monthly Giving

Join the Rhythm Section!

Become a Rhythm Section member by making an ongoing monthly contribution directly from your checking account (the easiest way to give monthly) or your credit or debit card. As a Rhythm Section member:

  • Your KMHD membership is always current ... no more renewal reminders!
  • There are no checks to write, and no payments to remember.
  • Your ongoing commitment provides reliable income for KMHD.

It's an easy way to make a big difference for jazz!

To have your monthly gift deducted directly from your checking account or charged to your credit or debit card complete the online contribution form.

To increase your monthly Rhythm Section contribution, complete the online contribution form and include the new monthly amount you'd like to contribute. Your previous monthly contribution will be canceled, and your new one will begin immediately.

To update your payment information, or to switch your contribution to your checking account, fill out the online contribution form completely and provide your new payment information.

You can cancel or change your contribution at any time by contacting the Member Center here or at 800.241.8123.

Join the Rhythm Section Today!