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Authorities Optimistic About Snowshoers On Mt. Hood

Search and rescue teams continue to look for three snowshoers who lost their bearings on Mt. Hood Sunday.

Mt. Hood captured by webcam on Dec. 24.

Mt. Hood captured by webcam on Dec. 24.

USDA Forest Service

Hood River County Sheriff’s office spokesman, Matt English, says the group made one 911 call yesterday. They told authorities they had food and sleeping bags. They also said that they were trying to find a forest service cabin for the night. English is optimistic because at least one person in the group has extensive outdoor experience.

He explained, “Yesterday we check to the north and west of the White River snow park, which was the starting point of the trio and today we’re checking basically to the South and the East.” 

English says about 20 people are out searching on two snow cats and on skis. But authorities haven’t received another phone call from the group this morning. 

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