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Baker City Mayor Could Lose Title After Suing City Government

AP | June 30, 2014 12:36 p.m.

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In January, the mayor of Baker City started fighting city hall. Richard Langrell sued the city for $9,000, saying he’d been overcharged for water and sewer service at the motel he operates.

Now, some members of the City Council are considering stripping Richard Langrell of his title. It’s a largely ceremonial post — the council elects one of its members as mayor. The job doesn’t carry veto power or additional authority.

The Baker City Herald reports that a council member who voted for Langrell as mayor has asked for a job review. Other members say residents of the Eastern Oregon town wonder how the city’s official representative can be suing it.

Langrell says, though, that as a member of the community he hasn’t given up his rights.


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