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Climate Change On The Agenda In The Northwest

Global warming was on the agenda in two northwest states Tuesday.  Leaders in both Oregon and Washington discussed ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Correspondent Chris Lehman has more.

Earlier this year, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire signed an executive order that set goals for the state to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has signed a measure with a similar aim.   The law doesn’t create any mandates.  But Jeremiah Baumann with the advocacy group Environment Oregon says it’s a significant step anyway.

Jeremiah Baumann:  “This legislation ties together all of the tremendous progress Oregon has made in shifting towards a renewable energy economy and cutting its global warming pollution by putting our state on record, committing to aggressive global warming pollution reduction goals.”

The initial goal in Oregon is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 10 percent below 1990 levels by the year 2020.  Washington’s goal is to roll back emissions to 1990 levels by the same year.  Both Oregon and Washington could have a little trouble reaching those goals unless the U.S. EPA grants a waiver allowing stricter fuel economy standards for new cars.

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