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Computer Virus Puts OSU Employees' Personal Information At Risk

Thousands of current and former Oregon State University employees are learning that a computer virus put their personal information at risk. Rob Manning reports.

Last month, an OSU employee complained of a computer virus. When university officials looked into it, they found a potential security breach involving the social security numbers of 34,000 current and former employees.

Jonathon Dolan is the chief information security officer at Oregon State. He says it’s unlikely information really went anywhere, but workers are getting letters about the problem, as a precaution.

Dolan says the virus exposed a security problem, though. He says the university stopped using social security numbers for identification in 2005, and records were supposed to be updated to reflect that policy shift.

Jonathon Dolan: “The problem here is that there was data stored on a university machine in violation of policy that predates that time.”

Dolan says there’s an ongoing personnel investigation into what went wrong.

The affected records are for people who worked for OSU between 1999 and 2005.

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