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Crater Lake Loop Tops Off 20 Years Of Cycle Oregon

Last week, we heard from Casey Negreiff, who was one of the 2,000 bike riders on Cycle Oregon's 20th anniversary ride. According to Casey, the real gem in this year's route was the ride from Diamond Lake to up Crater Lake, topped off by a trip all the way around the rim.

To document the ride, he strapped his field deck to his bike and lashed his microphone to his helmet. He reports that the views were spectacular, the descents thrilling, and the climbs were, as he puts it, a major pain.

Casey Negreiff: "Oh, these old knees. Oh, these old knees. Oh, oh god. Oh, my knees."

Cyclist: "That's a mighty small microphone you have on your helmet."

Casey Negreiff: "Thank you. My neck's starting to hurt. Oh, oh, oh, wah. Ow, my prostate! Again with the inclines!"

You meet a lot of people with a microphone attached to your bike helmet. And as Casey found, most of them wanted to know why.

Cyclist: "Why do you have a microphone on your head? Or were you aware that you had a microphone on your head?"

Casey Negreiff: "Oh yes; no, it wasn't some prank."

Cyclist: "He lost the bet."

Casey Negreiff: "If I keep it on all day, they're going to pay for my neck surgery, so…"

Cyclist: "There you go."

Cyclist: "What sort of contraption is that?"

Casey Negreiff: "It's a Marantz."

Cyclist: "What's a Marantz?"

Casey Negreiff: "It's an audio recording deck."

Cyclist: "What are you recording?"

Casey Negreiff: "Audio."

Cyclist: "Of the ride, you mean?"

Casey Negreiff: "Yes."

Cyclist: "So what's the deal?"

Casey Negreiff: "Uh, Texas hold 'em."

Cyclist: "Why do you have a microphone on your helmet?"

Casey Negreiff: "I heard you. I was thinking up a witty response."

For every hill Casey climbed that day, there was a descent. Each one was just as steep, but those parts of the ride were over in less than one-tenth the time it took to get to the top.

Cycle Oregon's 20th anniversary ride wrapped up Saturday in Sisters. By the time he was done, Casey had 482 brand-new miles on his odometer and a deep appreciation for the Oregon Cascades.

Casey Negreiff: "Car back!" (ding ding ding ding) "This is where we separate the wheat from the chafing." (ding ding ding ding)

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