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Daily Emerald Staff Revolts

Staff at the University of Oregon’s daily newspaper went on strike Wednesday. Rob Manning reports.

The Daily Emerald’s newsroom is protesting how its board is implementing a new strategic plan.

The staff argues it would reduce the paper’s independence. The Emerald is separate from the University of Oregon, but it reports on U of O extensively.

Student managing editor, Allie Grasgreen, says the board had offered to hire a new publisher, who could’ve also been employed by U of O.

Grasgreen says currently students decide whether to report on their journalism professors, for instance.

Allie Grasgreen: “If we were OK with doing that — putting our grades at risk, and putting our relationships with our professors at risk, we can still do that. But if we are answering to someone in the newsroom who works at the J-School, he would have the power to stop us from doing that.”

But the board’s preferred interim publisher, Steve Smith, says the new plan would keep students firmly in control.

Smith turned down the publisher position after he learned of the strike.

That satisfies one of four strike demands.

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