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Early Ballots Stream In To Washington State Polls

Early ballots for Tuesday’s election are pouring in to Washington state’s election offices.

State officials estimate a third of the ballots are already in and about half will be in by Monday.

Washington’s Elections Director Nick Handy says the early turn-in will help election workers tally the results more quickly on Tuesday.

On election night, he expects to have as much as 60 percent of ballots counted. He says that should give a good indication for all but the closest races.

Nick Handy: “If you have a race within 2 or 3 percentage points on election night, you really don’t know the result at that point. Because it’s not unusual for ballots cast later in the campaign to skew a little differently than ballots that came in earlier.”

Handy says more voters have opted to use the ballot drop boxes this year rather than mail them in.  

Election officials expect statewide voter turnout will be 83 percent. That would be the highest turnout for a presidential election since 1944.  

Oregon has an all-mail-in voting system.  More than 30-percent of Oregon ballots have been returned.

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