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EarthFix's Explanatory Reporting on Coal In the Northwest

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Explanatory reporting for EarthFix’s “Coal in the Northwest” coverage produced between June 16, 2012 and June 15, 2013 has presented audio reports, multimedia projects, breaking news, interactive maps and data visualizations and a long-form documentary. Beyond that, we’ve used our content to inform and animate public town-hall events in Seattle and Portland (including a February 2013 public panel discussion organized by EarthFix in partnership with Seattle’s Town Hall), and to engage community through social media tools including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Topical Coverage

Coal in the Northwest Topic Page - This is a landing page of featured reports and projects as well as spot news coverage, allowing readers to stay up to date on the latest developments on the Northwest coal export issue.

Coal Scorecard: Your Guide To Coal In The Northwest - This article gives a quick snapshot of each proposed coal export terminal and updated on a regular basis.

Special Projects

The EarthFix team’s reporting efforts spurred two special projects: a multimedia website featuring diverse, first-person perspectives on the coal issue, and a half hour video documentary that first appeared online before its television premiere.

Voices of Coal: An EarthFix Multimedia Special - The ‘Voices’ project included radio broadcast versions of five of the pieces which aired on EarthFix public radio partner stations, in addition to the full multimedia stories that were featured on a special webpage.

COAL: The Documentary - The documentary has just been completed and is currently being distributed through broadcast on EarthFix public television partner stations as well as online.

(Note: On June 25, 2013 we replaced the original online version of the video documentary with the broadcast version, which included closed captioning. This change was necessary to be in compliance with FCC rules for online videos that have been broadcast on the airwaves. Other than the closed captioning, this version is identical to the original online version).

Feature Reports

Enterprise feature and longer-form reporting from the EarthFix team:

Pass-Through Towns Want A Voice In Coal Exports

Columbia River Towns May Team Up To Export Coal

What Wyoming Coal Means For The Northwest - The View From Coal Country

American Coal Companies Look To The Northwest For Export Opportunities

Where Coal Divides Community Remains

10 Things To Know About Leasing Coal On Public Land

What Coal-Train Dust Means For Human Health

Coal Dust’s Environmental Impacts

Northwest Railroads Will Need Improvements To Handle Coal Trains

Crowd Funding Coal Science

Breaking News Reports

A sampling of breaking and spot news stories covered by EarthFix:

Coal Export Study Warns of Train Congestion

Survey Finds Support For Coal Transport Through NW

Pro-Coal Group Launches Ad Campaign

Army Corps Keeps Columbia Coal Barging Plan On Fast Track

Wash. Tribe Comes Out Against Coal Export Terminal

Coal Exports Fire Up A NW Washington Crowd

Paid Temps Do the Waiting So Coal Backers Don’t Have To

Strong Opposition In Seattle For Gateway Pacific Terminal

New Poll: Coal Exports Winning Support In Washington

Coal Export Company Faces Financial Challenge

Inslee, Kitzhaber Push Emissions Accounting For Northwest Coal Exports

What’s In The Water Under The Ballard Rail Bridge?

Gateway Pacific Coal Export Report Summarizes 125,000 Public Comments

Last Remaining Investor Bails Out On Coos Bay Coal Export Plan

Coal Company Drops Plans For Export Terminal On Columbia

Environmental Groups Sue Railway, Others For Dumping Coal

Government Report: Coal Companies Are Pocketing Millions At Taxpayers’ Expense

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