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Education Programs Expanding At OSU's Cascade Campus

Oregon State University is expanding a program at Central Oregon’s Cascades Campus for K through 12 educators.  This summer, the school
 will begin offering two new graduate teaching degrees.

One is for the teaching of advanced mathematics - the other is for integrated science.

Students take notes during a course on hospitality at OSU-Csacades

David Nogueras / OPB

The new offerings will complement graduate teaching degrees already offered in language arts and social studies.

Carolyn Platt heads up the school’s program in Bend.  She expects the new degrees will appeal to professional educators looking to take their skills to the next level.

“I have been talking with both people who are licensed already, teachers, and they would like to get the masters degree.  Some would like to move into math.  Others have been actually teaching math but they want to get the advanced degree,” Platt says.

The first classes are set to begin this summer. Platt says the school is holding a shortened enrollment period that closes at the end of next week. 

In the meantime, she says the program is looking to hire a full-time, tenure-track, assistant professor to teach some of the core classes associated with the new

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