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Five Northwest Universities Will Collaborate On Regional Consortium Of Climate Studies

Oregon State University has received grant funding to establish a regional consortium of climate studies. KLCC’s Angela Kellner reports on the collaborative project between five Northwest universities.

Philip Mote is the Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and a professor of atmospheric sciences at OSU. He explains the aim of the grant money from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Philip Mote: “This will be one of eleven regionally-focused efforts across the country that try to bring climate science into decision, so it links academics in the field of climate research with people out in what we might call the decision world - federal and state and local agencies, businesses, non-profits.”

Mote says one initial area of study may be looking at how precipitation in the Pacific Northwest could change and impact stream flows and soil moisture.

OSU will collaborate with the universities of Oregon, Idaho and Washington as well as Boise State.

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