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Former Congressional Staffer Runs Against Kurt Schrader

Former congressional staffer, Ben Pollock, announced his candidacy in the Republican primary for Oregon’s fifth district Wednesday.

Ben Pollock

Ben Pollock

Courtesy Pollock For Congress

Ben Pollock says he’s a 4th generation Oregonian who helps run the family business supplying upholstery for classic cars.

At 28, he acknowledges he’s young, but says he wants to go to Washington because he’s a member of the generation facing the brunt of  what he calls “the administration’s economically destructive policies” and Congress’ inability to function.

Pollock came out swinging against incumbent Democrat Kurt Schrader, calling him part of the beltway crowd.

When Schrader was elected in 2012, he won with about 177,000 votes. His Republican challenger that year, Fred Thompson, got about 140,000.

The fifth district runs across the middle of Oregon, from just south of Portland to Corvallis, and from the Cascades over to a large swath of the coastal area.

Ben Pollock For Congress website

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