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Gift Allows OSU Cascades To Establish First Endowed Faculty Position

Oregon State University’s Cascades campus says it will establish its first endowed faculty position.   That position will be part of the school’s new Energy Engineering Management Degree.

OSU Vice President Becky Johnson says the $250,000 bequest will jump-start the degree, which is being offered for the first time this year.

Graduates, she says will focus on the interface between the engineering of energy systems — whether they’re wind, thermal, hydro, biomass solar — and the end user of that power, likely some type of manufacturer.

Johnson says the gift comes at a significant time for OSU Cascades, which is about to embark on a $7.5 million  capital campaign.

Becky Johnson: “And this represents the first people to step up and say ‘we really believe in what you’re doing and step up and we think you’re going to be here for the long run and you’re worth investing in’. So it’s just a huge statement by the Tykesons for that.”

Don Tykeson is an Oregon-based telecommunications mogul and the owner of Bend Broadband.  His daughter Amy is the company’s president and CEO.

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