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Governor Kulongoski Testifies In Support Of Cap And Trade Program

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski made a rare appearance before a Legislative committee Thursday.

He testified in support of a regional cap and trade program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The Governor told lawmakers that the state can’t afford to wait for Congress to enact a federal plan.

Ted Kulongoski: “We no longer have the luxury of taking the short-term view of the climate change issue.  We must take a long-term view that looks ten, twenty, and even fifty years into the future to where Oregon once again re-writes the rule book on protecting the environment and our quality of life.”

Kulongoski has made climate change a priority in this, his final legislative session as Governor.

Lawmakers in Olympia are also debating whether to join the regional cap and trade plan.  

Idaho is staying on the sidelines for now.  

Cap and trade opponents worry about its cost to businesses, especially in a bad economy.

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