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Hot Cocoa For Haiti Fundraiser Brightens Halloween Night

A little boy in Portland has proved that fundraising isn’t just for people big enough to carry wallets. Four-year-old Amiri sold hot cocoa to trick-or-treaters, and anyone else wanting to help raise money to send to Haiti for earthquake relief.

Amiri Horn may not be old enough to make a credit card donation to charity, but he was old enough to understand last winter.

Amiri Horn - Photo by Tim Horn

Amiri Horn “I saw it on TV.”

That’s when the grim news reports started rolling in about a devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Amiri Horn  “The cars in Haiti got broken, and they got ripped, and now they had to walk everywhere, not drive! The road got broken everywhere and it got cracked, and it was hard for them to drive…”

Amiri’s mom, Ayana Horn said it wasn’t easy helping a small child understand such a major tragedy.

Ayana Horn  “It’s a lot of patience when they ask all these questions, you just have to be honest and straightforward with him.”

The more they talked, the more Amiri wanted to do. First they decided to text a ten-dollar pledge of support to the Red Cross. But Horn says her son said it wasn’t enough.

Ayana Horn  “We try to impart our values on him, and what he chooses to do with that has just been this amazing journey.”

She’s been happy to help him get the project off the ground. Although Amiri says getting ready for the cocoa benefit wasn’t that hard, even for a kid.

Amiri Horn  “It’s not! It’s not—it’s not! You just have to make it, then sell. It’s fast!”

Donations from the Hot Cocoa Sale will be going to Portland-based Mercy Corps’s work in Haiti.

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