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Kitzhaber To Sign Bill Banning Motorboats And Seaplanes On Waldo Lake

OPB | May 14, 2013 1:34 p.m. | Bend, Oregon

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Governor John Kitzhaber says he plans to sign a bill soon that bans motor boats and seaplanes on Waldo Lake in Central Oregon. 

The bill has now cleared the house, more than a month after gaining approval in the Senate. 

Waldo Lake - Oregon Field Guide photo

Waldo Lake - Oregon Field Guide photo

Among those cheering the bill’s passage is Brian Pasko. He’s the Director of the Oregon chapter of the Sierra Club.  

He says Waldo Lake is thought to be one of the purest lakes in the world.

“You can literally look down though a hundred fifty feet of water and see the lake’s bottom.  Some people say it’s a feeling of floating in space as you look down through these incredibly clear waters,” says Pasko.

Waldo Lake - Oregon Field Guide photo

Waldo Lake - Oregon Field Guide photo

Once the bill becomes law, seaplanes will no longer be allowed to land on the lake’s waters, which cover roughly 10 square miles. 

Proponents of the bill argued such planes could bring invasive species to the waters as well as the potential for noise and water pollution. 

Motor boats are also prohibited, although the bill carves out an exemption for boats using electric motors at speeds less than 10 miles per hour.


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