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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Measure Fails In Oregon

Oregonians who use medical marijuana will still have to grow it themselves — or find someone to grow it for them.

Measure 74 would have established a system of dispensaries to sell marijuana to medical users registered in Oregon.

It was an idea that moved north from California and chief petitioner, Anthony Johnson, says he’s not giving up.

Anthony Johnson: “I’m really happy with the campaign we ran. I think we moved cannabis politics into the mainstream. Getting the Democratic Party of Oregon’s endorsement. Getting Portland former mayor and police chief Tom Potter on board. We are in a stronger position to fight for freedom and equality here on out.”

He says voters seemed concerned about the number of dispensaries the measure would have allowed, and who would have been allowed to work there.

Those issues, he says will be taken on board and voters could see a similar measure as early as 2012.

Many sheriffs, police chiefs and district attorneys came out against the measure saying it would lead to more abuse of the drug.

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