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Newport Chosen For Wave Energy Test Site

Oregon State University officials say a site near Newport has been selected for a new wave energy test program. 

Meleah Ashford is with the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center. She says the site selection follows two years of discussions with the coastal community, fishermen, state agencies, wave energy developers and scientists.

Ashford says the project should give the coast an economic boost.

Meleah Ashford: “These devices will be rather large and they’ll be manufactured locally. So it has the potential to bring quite a few jobs and an industry to Oregon.”

The site is near the Hatfield Marine Science Center and close to roads and marine support services. Ashford says the test equipment will look like a couple of fishing boats.

Meleah Ashford: “We have talked to the local community about the visual effects of this and they asked us not to put it straight off of Yaquina Head, so it’s a little bit north of Yaquina Head.”

The project will not only allow testing of new wave energy technologies, but will also be used to help study any potential environmental impacts on sediments and marine animals.

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