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Chicken Soup For The Ears: New Music To Cure What Ails You

I’m not entirely sure how I made it into the studio to tape this week’s show. I was still recovering from a tremendous flu. But lured by co-host Felix Contreras’ promises that he’d take over and play me some excellent new music, I hopped on a cloud of cough meds and rode it all the way to our recording facilities in Mexico City.

Children cried when they saw my greenish face as I mumbled and stumbled through the streets. Vendors crossed themselves when, in a Darth Vader-like voice, I asked to buy throat soothing candy.

But I made it, and it was worth it.

Not only did Felix humor my I’ve-only-eaten-broth-for-the-last-four-days loopiness — but my Don Corleone imitation was spot on — he also played some of the coolest music we’ve heard this year.

By the way, I’m feeling a lot better. And although I’ve suggested that Felix start a side business in which he DJs for the flu-stricken, I don’t think he’s that into the idea. So you’ll just have to enjoy his musical healing powers in this week’s show.

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