Joint U.S.-Afghan Base Attacked By Taliban In Eastern Afghanistan

NPR | Dec. 3, 2012 3:42 a.m.

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Steve Mullis

The Associated Press and the BBC are reporting that a joint U.S.-Afghan base in eastern Afghanistan was attacked at that fighting is taking place.

The AP says that the Taliban, in an email to reporters, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Here’s more from the BBC:

“There have been “multiple explosions” near an airfield at a U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan, Nato has said.

Afghan police officials told the BBC that as many as five suicide attackers targeted the base in Jalalabad, and witnesses said that gunfire was heard.

The Afghan police officials said two attackers in explosive-laden cars had first breached the outer security barrier at the airfield, and another three had then battled security guards.”

This story is ongoing and we’ll update as the news develops.

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