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Obama Fundraises For Sen. Murray; Palin Lends Voice To Underdog

Tuesday is primary day in Washington. Democratic Senator Patty Murray will get an assist from President Obama. He’s scheduled to headline a fundraiser for her in Seattle. Meanwhile Sarah Palin is lending her voice to an underdog candidate. 

The President will make a whirlwind stop in Seattle – part of a five-state campaign and fundraising blitz for vulnerable Democrats.

Murray is running for a fourth term in the U.S. Senate. The primary is expected to make two-time gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi her official opponent in November.

But former NFL player and eastern Washington farmer Clint Didier isn’t giving up. In a last minute blitz, he’s sending out robo-calls that feature Sarah Palin taking a swipe at Rossi without naming him.

Sarah Palin: “And unlike establishment candidates who just talk about lower taxes, Clint has signed a pledge to do so. He supports the Arizona law, he supports being energy independent.”

Didier is a favorite of Tea Party activists. But Rossi has also signed the Tea Party’s “Contract From America.”

The two candidates with the most votes in each race advance to the general election.

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