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Oregon Horse Owners Warned Of Potentially Deadly Virus

Oregon veterinary experts say horse owners should keep their animals in their stables until a potentially deadly virus passes.

The advice comes after veterinarians determined that equine herpes virus killed two horses in Idaho. The virus has been confirmed in at least eight other horses in the Northwest, including one in Clackamas County.

Helen Diggs directs Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Helen Diggs: “My advice to everyone is just to shelter in place. Keep your horses where they are. Make sure you’re paying attention to who’s coming on and off your property. And wait this out. It will blow over. It’s going to blow through. This is not the first time this has happened.”

Diggs says anyone who’s especially worried could take their animals’ temperatures twice a day.

Vets are linking the virus to a national horse event held in Utah, three weeks ago.

Cases have also shown up in California, Arizona, and as far away as the Midwest. 

OSU’s Veterinary College has posted more extensive information about the virus on their web site.
OSU is hosting an hour-long discussion of the equine herpes virus at 6 o’clock tonight in Corvallis.

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