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Oregon Scientists Help Draw Up New Climate Change Report

Oregon's leading climate scientist helped draw up a new national blueprint for how to adapt to the effects of climate change. Rob Manning has more on the report out Wednesday.

The adaptation study is one of four reports Congress requested to help the feds respond to global warming.

Phil Mote runs the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute at Oregon State University and he's a co-author of the adaptation report. He says Congress needs to know that simply cutting greenhouse gas emissions isn't enough.

Phil Mote: "Even after we stop putting new gases into the atmosphere, the climate will continue changing. We're still so far away from freezing concentrations at a given level, that we know we have several decades of change, built into the system."

The report suggests Congress look at adaptation as a risk management strategy that involves governments at all levels, because threats will vary.

Phil Mote says in Oregon, for instance, Bend should study and adjust to the increased potential for wildfires. Coastal cities should plan for changing sea levels and flooding risks.

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