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Oregonian Newspaper Will Shrink In Size This April

The Oregonian newspaper will soon be a different size, according to an announcement Tuesday from publisher Christian Anderson III.

Oregonian newspaper box in downtown Portland.

Oregonian newspaper box in downtown Portland.

Michael Clapp/OPB

Starting in February, The Oregonian will publish several sections - include Arts & Entertainment and Health & Fitness - at 15 by 11 inches. The whole paper will be that size by April 2, according to The Oregonian.

The current paper, a traditional “broadsheet,” is about eight inches longer than the future version.

Rick Edmonds is a print media analyst with the Poynter Institute. He says only a handful of papers have made this move recently, but he says it has benefits.

“I think it’s basically sort of a positive for the newspaper and the readers. It’s correct in almost all these changes that it increases the availability of color. That may lead to some better advertising revenues - which is a good thing,” Edmonds says.

The Oregonian’s announcement says having more color is one benefit of the change to what officials are calling a “compact format.”

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