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Oregon's Universities Crack 100K Mark

Oregon’s university system cracked the 100,000 student mark for the first time this fall, according to new numbers released Thursday.

That caps a ten-year period in which Oregon’s public universities have grown by more than 35 percent. Oregon State gained the most students over the last year. Its total enrollment is now close to 25,000.

OSU president Ed Ray credits the school’s focus on international students and community college transfers.

“And then another area, beyond simply the growth itself, is to be more deliberate in our efforts to attract more high-achieving and high potential students to the university. So we worked at it,” Ray said.

Roughly 1,000 more students attend OSU’s Corvallis campus now than a year ago. President Ray says he’d like OSU’s growth to slow down, from five percent, to closer to two percent.

U of O’s student population grew at a slightly slower pace than OSU over the last year. Portland State’s enrollment stabilized after years of growth.

Among Oregon’s smaller campuses, OSU Cascades grew the most, with enrollment up 14 percent, over last year.

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