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OSU Announces Licensing Agreement With Intel

Oregon State University officials say the campus received  more than a quarter of a billion dollars in outside research dollars last year. Rob Manning has more.

That quarter of a billion dollars  is the most money the school has ever attracted for research purposes.

OSU President, Ed Ray: “That’s an increase of $21 million over the previous year, and up nearly $100 million since 2003.”

About two-thirds of OSU’s $252 million comes from the federal government.

Ray says federal stimulus money is not included – but those funds could pad this year’s total.

Oregon State also announced a new licensing agreement with Intel, which gives the company special access to developments at OSU’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

However, President Ray says the outside funding won’t keep OSU from having to cut courses and programs, to deal with the school’s share of state budget cuts. 

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