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OSU Beavers Return to College World Series

Oregon State University’s baseball team will get the opportunity to compete in the College World Series, thanks to a post-season bid announced this morning. Rob Manning has more.

The last two times the Oregon State Beavers made the postseason, they won it all. That was in 2006 College World Series, and then again in 2007. The Beavers missed the postseason in 2008, but are back this year.

They’ll start out on the road in Texas, as announced on ESPN television.

ESPN: “Oregon State, a fourth appearance in five years, they’re in the Big Dance against Texas A & M, making a 25th appearance in the N-C-double-A tournament.”

OSU isn’t the only Northwest team to make the field. Basketball powerhouse, Gonzaga will start out against Georgia Southern in a southern California regional. It’s Gonzaga’s first appearance in the baseball tournament in almost 30 years.

For University of Oregon this year was their first baseball season of any kind for almost thirty years. The Ducks finished their season over the weekend, last place in the Pac-Ten.

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